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With Lucy's Lab I'll share inspiration and recipes which you can try at home

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Inspiring recipes

Here I share with you some of my discoveries in the kitchen or by creative customers and friends to try at home.

Let's make our days sweeter!

Homemade chocolate sauce

A super easy and delicious recipe to pour on your warm brownie or an ice cream!

Lemon brownie mousse

Perfect for quick dessert if you don't have time in the kitchen!

4 easy steps for a perfect dessert

Step 1

Pick a basic product

This is the base of your dessert. It can be the traditional brownie or one of the filled ones...

It's up to you! ;)

Step 2

Add 2 side ingredients

A side ingredient will tickle the tongue because of the extra tastes. For example, add a sour ingredient next to the sweet base. It can also add colors to your dessert.

Step 3

Choose a topping

With a topping you can give an extra dimension to your dessert. Crumbles, nuts, syrups or fruits are the most commons toppings. Choose the ones you like most!

Step 4

Dress the plate & serve

Time to dress up your plate. Be creative. First place the base, choose a position for the sides and last but not least sprinkle the topping with love. Now serve and enjoy!

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